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Hi Friends of Yakiniku Plaza!

If you missed our live stream last Monday, don’t fret! You may still avail of the SPECIAL FB LIVE PRICING for the below items by using the following codes:

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  • New Zealand Organic Tenderloin with Lemon 100g

    New Zealand Organic Beef
    (Marinated Item)

    Weight: 100g
  • Snow Pink Pork Mille Feuille (2pcs)

    Layers of Hokkaido Pork meat coated with flour and bread crumbs.

    Weight: 300g
  • Hokkaido Premium Pork Spare Ribs Bite Size

    100% Authentic Japanese Pork from Hokkaido!

    Weight: 300g
  • A5 Kobe Beef Premium Karubi 100g

    Best for BBQ: 100% Authentic World-renowned Wagyu from Kobe Prefecture!
    Limited quantity only!

    Weight: 100g
  • Japan Minced Beef

    Best for making quick meals without compromising on taste. Made with Authentic Wagyu from Japan.

    Weight: 500g
  • A4 Wagyu Premium Karubi

    A4 焼肉 上カルビスライス

    Weight: 100-200g
  • Hokkaido Premium Pork Burger (2pcs)

    Patty with Double in Collagen, Double in Vitamin B1, Healthy Fats and very tasty.

    Weight: 300g
  • Hokkaido Premium Pork Loin Steak 200g

    Leanest cut yet incredibly tender meat from Hokkaido which makes it best for your Tonkatsu needs!

    Weight: 200g
  • Japan WaGyuza (12 pcs)

    Made of a thin Gyoza skin, the filling is made of full Japanese Wagyu which gives a very juicy and nice bite.

    Weight: 300g
  • A4 Premium Wagyu Karubi (Chuck Roll)

    A4 焼肉 肩ロース

    Weight: 100-200g