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  • Snow Pink Pork Loin Steak

    It's the leanest cut yet incredibly tender meat from Hokkaido which makes it best for your Tonkatsu needs.

    Weight: 200g
    $10.40 $9.80
  • Bacon Block

    Weight: 200g
    $4.10 $2.20
  • Beef Salami

    Beef Salami (sliced)

    Weight: 500g
    $5.30 $3.70
  • Smoked Premium Ham

    Smoked Premium Ham (sliced)

    Weight: 500g
    $6.50 $4.90
  • Spain Pork Loin Shabu Shabu

    Weight: 300g
    $7.30 $5.50
  • Turkey Breast

    Turkey Breast (sliced)

    Weight: 500g
    $7.30 $6.00
  • Snow Gold A5 Wagyu Umami Striploin (100g)

    Marinated and ready-to-cook quality beef that can go directly from the cold counter into the oven, griller or pan and are therefore perfect for time-hungry consumers.

    Weight: 100g
    $36.00 $32.40
  • Snow Gold Wagyu Don

    Weight: 300g
    $36.00 $28.80
  • Snow Gold Wagyu Umami Filet Mignon

    Enjoy restaurant-quality experience with this marinated and easy-to-cook Filet Mignon, a cut from Tenderloin, the most luxurious part of Wagyu Beef! Absolutely approved by Wagyu Master.

    Weight: 100g
    $40.00 $38.00
  • Snow Gold WaGyuza (6 pcs)

    Made of a thin Gyoza skin, the filling is made of full Japanese Wagyu which gives a very juicy and nice bite.

    Weight: 150g
    $9.50 $8.50
  • Wagyu Sirloin Steak

    Snow Gold A4 Wagyu Sirloin Steak

    A4 サーロインステーキ

    Weight: 100-250g
  • A4 Japanese Wagyu Karubi
  • Snow Black Tender Shabu Shabu (300g)

    Weight: 300g
    $12.70 $9.10
  • Hokkaido Pork Loin Shabu

    Snow Pink Pork Loin Shabu Shabu

    Exceptional addition to your Shabu/Hotpot ingredients.

    Weight: 300g
    $15.20 $14.40