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  • Snow Gold Wagyu Meatballs

    8pcs per tray (220g - 240g)
    Wagyu with a twist!

    Weight: 220-240g
  • Flavours of Japan Premium A5 Wagyu Bundle

    For a limited time only, enjoy 4 different cuts of Wagyu from 4 different Japan prefectures, giving you an ultimate Japan Wagyu experience!

    Weight: 400g
  • Snow Gold Wagyu Mushroom Burger (2pcs)

    Our special Wagyu burger enhanced with Mushroom bits!

    Weight: 300g
  • Snow Black Organic Tenderloin with Lemon Sauce

    100% Authentic World-renowned Wagyu from Kobe Prefecture!
    (Marinated Item)

    Weight: 100g
  • Snow Pink Pork Mille Feuille 150g/pc (2pcs)

    Layers of Hokkaido Pork meat coated with flour and bread crumbs.

    Weight: 300g
  • Flavours of Japan Premium Hokkaido Pork Steamboat Bundle

    4 different Hokkaido Pork (Snow Pink) cuts for your Shabu Party!

    Weight: 400g
  • US B/A Black Pepper Beef Pack

    US Black Angus Beef Marinated in Black Pepper Sauce (Uncooked)

    Weight: 300g
  • Mix Hotpot Special 600g

    Snow Pink Hokkaido Pork Loin Shabu Shabu 300g, Snow Black Organic Beef Shabu Shabu 300g

    Weight: 600g
  • Snow Gold Minced Beef

    Best for making quick meals without compromising on taste. Made with Authentic Wagyu from Japan.

    Weight: 500g
  • Snow Pink Minced Pork

    Best for making quick meals without compromising on taste. Made with Snow Pink Hokkaido Pork.

    Weight: 500g
  • Snow Gold Wagyu Burger (2pcs)

    Enjoy our Wagyu with a twist.

    Weight: 300g
  • Snow Pink Pork Burger (2pcs)

    Patty with Double in Collagen, Double in Vitamin B1, Healthy Fats and very tasty.

    Weight: 300g
  • Sold out

    Snow Wagyu & Pork 50-50 Mix Burger (2pcs)

    Enjoy the best of both flavorful meats made with Wagyu and Hokkaido Pork.

    Weight: 300g
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  • Snow Pink Porky Pork Bundle Set 2

    Special Hokkaido Pork Bundle

    Weight: 500g
  • Snow Pink Porky Pork Bundle Set 1

    Special Hokkaido Pork Bundle

    Weight: 500g
  • Snow Gold Wa! Gyu Bundle

    Weight: 350g
  • Snow Gold Wagyu Umami Hybrid Yakiniku Pack

    Weight: 300g
  • Snow Black Beef Premium Short Rib Yakiniku

    An Angus Beef BBQ crowd-favorite from North America.

    Weight: 200-500g
  • Snow Gold WaGyuza (12 pcs)

    Made of a thin Gyoza skin, the filling is made of full Japanese Wagyu which gives a very juicy and nice bite.

    Weight: 300g
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