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  • Snow Gold Wagyu Burger (2pcs)

    Enjoy our Wagyu with a twist.

    Weight: 300g
  • Snow Pink Pork Burger (2pcs)

    Patty with Double in Collagen, Double in Vitamin B1, Healthy Fats and very tasty.

    Weight: 300g
  • Snow Wagyu & Pork 50-50 Mix Burger (2pcs)

    Enjoy the best of both flavorful meats made with Wagyu and Hokkaido Pork.

    Weight: 300g
  • Snow Pink Pork Loin Steak

    It's the leanest cut yet incredibly tender meat from Hokkaido which makes it best for your Tonkatsu needs.

    Weight: 200g
    $10.40 $9.80
  • Bacon Block

    Weight: 200g
    $4.10 $2.20
  • Beef Salami

    Beef Salami (sliced)

    Weight: 500g
    $5.30 $3.70
  • Bratwurst Sausage

    Sold out

    Bratwurst Sausage

    Weight: 1000g
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  • Jumbo Beef Sausage

    Weight: 1000g
  • Smoked Duck Breast

    Weight: 200g
  • Smoked Premium Ham

    Smoked Premium Ham (sliced)

    Weight: 500g
    $6.50 $4.90
  • Spain Pork Loin Shabu Shabu

    Weight: 300g
    $7.30 $5.50
  • Turkey Breast

    Turkey Breast (sliced)

    Weight: 500g
    $7.30 $6.00
  • Unagi

    Weight: 300g
  • Snow Black Beef Premium Short Rib Yakiniku

    An Angus Beef BBQ crowd-favorite from North America.

    Weight: 200-500g
  • Snow Black Beef Striploin Shabu Shabu

    Wagyu Beef alternative from North America if you want to enjoy beef at a more affordable price without compromising the quality.

    Weight: 300g
  • Snow Black Beef Striploin Steak

    North American Premium Angus Beef Steak Cut popular for its tenderness and rich taste.

    Weight: 100-250g
  • Snow Black Chuck Roll Steak

    A tender and savory North American Premium Angus Beef Steak Cut for grilling.

    Weight: 100g
  • Snow Black Organic Beef Ribeye Steak

    Tender cut from grass-fed and pasture raised beef in New Zealand.

    Weight: 200g
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